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From the Field

In addition to developing the skills of entrepreneurs, organizations that implement C-BED in the field have learned the value of community-based tools for strengthening association and capacity building within the target population.

  • CB-Tools provides opportunity to offer sustainable new services to members;
  • New members from the community with an interest in enterprise development can be engaged;
  • The sharing of knowledge and experiences among group members provides deeper insight into the interests and needs of the target population and allows for programs to prioritize these issues;
  • Leadership skills are strengthened among facilitators;
  • The CB methodology helps build closer networks with and between members.

C-BED in Asia and the Pacific:

Feedback from partners in the field that organize and deliver C-BED is an important source of learning about ways to innovate and the outcomes of training. Because each implementation is different in its own way field partners are encouraged to join the community of practice and share their C-BED best practices with others in the field.
Example best practices already identified include:

  • Set the training in a real workplace and draw on the context to illustrate concepts;
  • Introduce props for money and raw materials to support those with lower financial literacy;
  • Edit the stories of Mrs Koodo and the Family Tem to reflect the local setting and reality;
  • For Aspiring Entrepreneurs training , invite a member of the local business community to share a story about their business experience and try to reflect on the example throughout activities;
  • Make use of magazines and newspapers with advertising to allow participants to create collages that represent their business idea instead of drawing pictures;
  • Host a market event at the end of the training for participants to test their new ideas and skills;

Quarterly updates on the C-BED program from around Asia and the Pacific are shared in a newsletter distributed to the community of practice and collaborators. To download the latest newsletter and access past editions, register to join the Community of Practice or contact ILO to request the latest addition.

Organizations Collaborating on C-BED